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Womens Flip Flops

Comfortable Flip Flops For Women

If you are looking for the best flip flops that are comfortable flip flops for women then Fresh Cargo Maasai Treads offers a wide selection of funky flip flops made from recycled materials. 

These Maasai Treads cool flip flops are made from recycled tyre soles and are comfortable flip flops for women due to the EVA sole that is used on top of the tyre.

In addition to this further comfort is added by the uppers being Kikoy, Recycled Denim, Hemp or recycled leather with excellent cushioning making these really comfortable flip flops for women.

Sale Price £12.00£22.00

Sale Price £12.00£22.00

Sale Price £12.00£22.00

Funky Flip Flops

The Maasai Treads flip flops are also ideal vegan flip flops because there is no leather used in the majority of the collection. Any leather used is second hand taken from old leather jackets at the Nairobi market making these really cool flip flops.

Our Maasai Treads colours range from bright pink hemp to navy hemp making these funky flip flops, in addition to this some of the range have buttons and amazing trims making these really pretty flip flops for any occasion.

Cool Flip Flops

Due to the Maasai Treads being made from recycled tyres there are comfortable flip flops for women due to the additional cushioning. Maasai Treads also offer additional grip on wet surfaces due to the soles been recycled tyres, making these not only the best flip flops for the pool but also cool flip flops for the evening.

All our womens flip flops are fair trade and made from recycled components and tested to the highest standards. Maasai Treads are strong and sturdy and we offer both funky flip flops and vegan flip flops that are suitable for all tastes.

Each womens flip flop is handmade by our highly skilled team in Nairobi who come from generations of Maasai Treads Flip Flop making.

Maasai Treads History

Maasai men over the centuries developed the craft of Maasai Treads Flip Flops using cow hide, this footwear is called Akala or Maasai Treads. In the last few decades the protection of animals in the wild against poaching and unnatural death has seen the Maasai move from animal hide to recycled tyre treads.

With such a malleable medium this became the standard footwear for the Maasai community and has been worn used by the Maasai men to run the London and New York marathons to raise money for their communities.

Today Fresh Cargo has joined forces with the Maasai Treads to produce a global product that embraces all the traditions of these craftsmen and still maintains the integrity of the product. Ensuring we go the extra mile and the product is built to last.

Why buy Fresh Cargo Maasai Treads?

1. Genuine recycled soles

2. 100% hemp uppers

3. 100% fair trade supporting the Maasai community

4. Handmade

5. Highly Durable

6. 5% of profits goes to Born Free Foundation

These comfortable flip flops for women are focused on helping the Nairobi community ensuring they work under fair trade conditions. Our funky flip flops make the perfect fair-trade addition to any outfit from our pretty flip flops made from kikoy and buttons or cool flip flop range made from hemp each one is individual due to being recycled hence an amazing pair of flip flops.

We endeavour to produce recycled funky flip flops but our focus is humanitarian and it is not always possible to make 100% eco womens flip flops but we can certainly guarantee our comfortable flip flops for women are ethical so why not start your womens flip flops shopping with us and purchase from our wide range of vegan flip flops and flip flops for women the choice is yours.

We also offer plenty of updates on the teams and the latest Maasai Treads designs including our latest flip flops for women and our recycled comfortable flip flops for women.

You can access our fairtrade video footage that includes the work we do as well as the people we help through fairtrade activities. You can also find out about fair trade facts on many of our pages or why not go to our fair trade facts section where you will get the best and latest insight to fair trade products and fair trade facts including how we make a recycled Maasai Treads.

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