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Funky flip flops!

Funky flip flops

Going away? Purchase a pair of these handmade re-cycled flip flops from Kenya.

Free UK returns on all footwear

Pretty fairy lights

Pretty fairy lights

Light up your living room with colour
and fun with our fantastic fairylights.

Get switched on!

Unusual mirrors

Unusual mirrors

Check out our great range of indoor mirrors - they look great and will make you look great too!

Who is the fairest of them all?

Fair trade bags

Fair trade bags

Beautifully designed silver rubbish bags made from recycled juice cartons.

Don't delay, click away!

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Fresh Cargo Fairtrade Fashion

Fresh Cargo is a Nottingham based company specialising in fair trade gifts and fair trade clothing. We manage or support the fair trade co-operatives and ethical fashion businesses we work with guided by the fairtrade organisation WFTO. The company is founded by ethical fashion entrepreneur Rebecca Gray with the vision of making ethical fashion funky and inclusive, not elitist fair-trade. Fresh Cargo is a fair trade organisation, it is transparent in everything it does ensuring that customers can purchase fair trade gifts and fair trade clothing with peace of mind. You will find our ethical shopping newsletter offers insights to the fairtrade teams we work with including video footage.

Fresh Cargo Recycled products

Fresh Cargo endeavours to develop as many recycled products it can, however the premises of the business is fair trade products. We believe in H.O.P.E, Honest, Open, Positive, Ethical shopping ensuring our fair trade clothing creates a positive change in the lives we work with. Our recycled gifts are made from wood, paper, tin and recycled juice cartons and are fair trade for kids. Example of fair trade for kids are our college bags, lunch bags and pencil cases just to mention a few of our recycled products. Our recycled fashion bags are ideal for woman wanting to make an ethical fashion statement and our recycled shopping trolley is one for making heads turn in the supermarket.

Fair Trade Facts – What is Fair Trade?

What is fair trade? For Fresh Cargo it is going beyond paying a fair trade wage, but ensuring that wages help to provide water, food, shelter, leisure, saving and education. We are guided by the world fair trade organisation that states:

Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. By requiring companies to pay sustainable prices (which must never fall lower than the market price), Fairtrade addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

Many large high street retailers will tell you they pay the minimum wage or the conditions are good creating the illusion of ethical shopping. But in many developing countries the minimum wages are very low, hence hardly fairtrade. In fact these wages create poor living standards for families and their children, with many commentators highlighting it is modern day slavery.

Fresh Cargo is not afraid to put a few noses out of joint, it is a brand that will stand up for the little guys such as a fair trade shop and challenge the big corporates. We are always learning and we may not be perfect but when people point out our areas of improvement we get on with it and make those changes. Rome cannot be built in a day but as more people support us the stronger we get and the more we can influence change amongst our fair trade suppliers and people we work alongside. Fair trade for kids is important to us as every child in the world has a right to a good education, clothing, food water and shelter, don’t you think?

Fresh Cargo Fair Trade Clothing

Our ethical clothing is what we call sustainable fashion, in a nutshell we don’t swing from pillar to post with fair trade clothing suppliers. We work with co operatives and family businesses to create fair trade fashion. So what does that mean?

Well we pay a minimum of 50% deposit for our online shopping clothes to ensure we are fairtrade in addition to this, where we can we try to produce recycled fashion. Not everything we do can be eco friendly but each year we are progressing as well as eco fashion technology allowing us to produce more recycled fashion.

We also work with our ethical clothing teams on a local level supporting educational and social welfare projects from the profits of our fair trade clothing. Did you know that Fresh Cargo Maasai Treads eco fashion donates 5% of profits to the Born Free Foundation?

Or that we helped fund a RSPCA worker to run across South Africa to raise £15,000 through our fair trade fashion lines?

Or what about our local regeneration program to help a struggling town improve their retail trade, now that is the power of ethical fashion?

The point is on line shopping clothes can be ethical fashion, recycled fashion and sustainable fashion but also can give back to the local communities in the UK as well as helping people abroad - for us it’s eco fashion common sense. Fresh Cargo fair trade clothing is about creating a balance of supporting projects in the UK and abroad, what we like to call eco friendly economics.

It’s not part of some social corporate responsibility program that is put in place to make Fresh Cargo look good, these are genuine ethical fashion initiatives and core to our culture.

Many of our ethical clothing lines appeal to a wide audience of young at heart fans of fair trade fashion making on line shopping clothes both fun, creative and most importantly fair trade fashion and sustainable fashion.

Fair Trade Shoes

Our fair trade shoes are a joint venture with Maasai Treads producing flip flops for women and flip flops for men.

These on line shoes are the ultimate in eco shoes, why? Well the soles of these fair trade shoes are made from recycled tyres and we source all the components locally in Nairobi. This includes the recycled uppers made from recycled leather, denim as well as using kikoy and hemp for certain flip flops and sandal shoes.

When we produce flip flops for men and flip flops for women it is about creating a flip flops and sandal shoes that are ethical shoes that are built to last. Eco shoes need to be sustainable fashion, for us that means eco shoes that don’t end up in the bin at the end of the season.

Fresh Cargo Maasai Treads flip flops come from a Maasai tradition that is over a hundred years old, these flip flops and sandals shoes are handmade and built with the finest craftsmen skills in Kenya.

These flip flops for women and flip flops for men are not only great ethical shoes or fair trade shoes they are also super comfy and offer great traction on slippery surfaces, remember the soles are tyres.

Fair Trade Gifts

Fresh Cargo offers a wide range of fair trade gifts, eco gifts, ethical gifts and recycled gifts, in a nutshell we offer really nice fair trade products that help the planet and help people.

We believe that fair trade products are the best gifts for women because at Fresh Cargo you will find unusual gifts for women that are not only beautiful but fair trade. Our fair trade gifts cover a wide range of areas, lighting jewellery, bags and footwear. We personally think that some of the best gifts for women are our handmade jewellery range that offers a wide range of colours and styles to suit all tastes.

If you looking for those unusual gifts for women then why not look at our Rubbish Bags or our African wire jewellery. The African wire jewellery offers a wide range of fair trade gifts made from one piece of wire from start to finish. These fair trade gifts are made by our team called the Johari group and help support and educate local communities in Kenya. Our Rubbish Bags are another collection of unusual gifts for women as these fair trade products are made from juice cartons and produced in the Philippines.

Ethical gifts are the perfect way to show someone that you care not only for them but for others as all our fair trade products are fairly traded, 100% ethical gifts. So if you are choosing the best gifts for women look no further our promise to you is we will always produce fair trade products, investing into the welfare of our team, so we can produce each year further ethical gifts that help others.

Fair Trade Jewellery

Can fair trade jewellery be designer jewellery? Of course it can! At Fresh Cargo our whole objective is to create fair trade funky jewellery with a mission to create unusual gifts for women. Our designers create each season a wide collection of fair trade jewellery from African Jewellery, costume jewellery, ethnic jewellery, designer jewellery and recycled jewellery.

Fresh cargo tries to offer fair trade jewellery that offers two distant styles designer jewellery and ethnic jewellery. By creating this balance it allows us to produce fair trade jewellery that has a broad appeal meaning fair trade jewellery can be fun.

Be it at Christmas, Valentines or just for yourself our unusual jewellery will place a smile on your face. Not just because our fair trade jewellery is styled like designer jewellery but because of the projects and people behind our Funky Jewellery.

Our funky jewellery projects take women off the street, many out of prostitution and some from suffering their children suffering from hunger. You see our fair trade jewellery is not just about vanity, when you wear one of our costume jewellery pieces you will feel different. Sounds a bit goofy? Well maybe, but it’s true you wear something that comes from good then surely it’s got to make you feel good?

You see, I thought you would see it our way, because Fresh Cargo funky jewellery wants to create positive change with everyone we work with on our costume jewellery.

That is why you see a lot of our fair trade jewellery is unique jewellery and that’s an understatement, bright is right girls!!

Surely you want unique Jewellery that stands out and has a story? Our African jewellery has a great story because it is made from one piece of wire from start to finish. Why? We wanted to create a unique jewellery design that only required pliers to make our ethnic jewellery. In the slums of Nairobi security and safety is very important when making African jewellery, if we supplied expensive beads as seen on high end designer jewellery we could create a problem for our people.

So that is why our costume jewellery is unique jewellery become every collection has a story and every piece helps change and improve a life.

Designer jewellery that is made by everyday people for everyday people.

Fair Trade Homeware

Looking for something unique for the home? Our recycled furniture, eco furniture, fair trade furniture and shabby chic furniture will become a highlight in your home. From funky mirrors, unusual mirrors, photo frames, unusual stools, funky stools and large mirrors for the living room we have them all.

Our recycled furniture is made from either recycled magazine paper or rescued wood creating stunning shabby chic wood pieces. The eco furniture is design in partnership with our Indonesia fair trade team creating what we feel is the best recycled furniture in the world, it rocks!!

Is our recycled furniture strong? Oh yes siree, we test all our eco furniture and you will be shocked, amazed, dazzled, ok I am over doing it but in all honesty our recycled furniture is really cool, even Giraffe restaurants buy our stuff and we love those guys and their food.

Fair Trade Bags

Fresh Caro offers the widest range of womens handbags within the fair trade category of green shopping bags, eco friendly bags, fair trade bags and recycled shopping bags in the UK. All our womens handbags are made by our own co-operative based in the Philippines. Our womens handbags are recycled shopping bags made from recycled juice cartons and are either woven or stitched to make the perfect range of green shopping bags. All are bags are fair trade bags meaning are workers are paid fair trade wages, see our “what is fair trade” page for further information. With our eco friendly bags range you will see many different green shopping bags from clutches, purses, shoulder bags, shopping trolleys, shoppers and handbags, something for everyone. Each one of our fair trade bags is hand made by our Philippine team making our green shopping bags not only recycled but also authentic hand crafted fair trade bags. At Fresh Cargo we believe eco friendly bags should be fun womens hand bags a statement piece and a real talking point, if there is one thing we can guarantee is our eco friendly bags will stand out amongst the crowds.

So why buy one of our fair trade bags? Well did you know that a large percentage of womens handbags are made with very poor chemical disposal policies for both leather and PU? Are you aware that many womens handbags are cheap, badly made and not built to last? The beauty of our recycled shopping bags is the juice cartons they are made from are very tough, durable and water resistant. Our recycled shopping bags are long lasting, great for the planet and great for people, so click here to see our selection.

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